Solar PV


Solar Electric/photovoltaic (PV) are Solar Panels that produce electricity from daylight. ‘Photo’ refers to the light and ‘voltaic’ to electricity.

The panels are mounted on the roof ideally southerly facing, and a small inverter will be installed in your home, which allows you to see how the system is performing.

You will be able to generate up to 100% of your own electricity, depending on your consumption and your choice of system size.

Now is the time to invest your money productively and get the return from it that you would expect.

  • Be self sufficient for your electricity needs, any surplus sold back to the grid
  • Simple Installation process
  • No planning permission unless you are in a conservation area or listed building
  • It works all year round
  • You can decide what size system you would like according to your budget
  • Adds value to your property
  • The systems are silent in operation
  • Life expectancy approximately 25+ years
  • No moving parts, so do not require any maintenance

To find out more about Solar PV technology simply follow the link below;

Solar PV



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