Solar Thermal



There are a variety of products available on the market, and we have tried and tested them over the years. Our main aim through our research is to ensure that our customer receives the best products available and that is why we install the Heat Pipe Solar Thermal Collectors.

The Solar Panels that we use are from a world leader in the design and manufacture of the Solar Thermal collectors.

The unique design of the advanced vacuum tube provides hot water in all seasons and their performance is up to 30% more effective than a flat plate. Solar Hot water is typically installed on a southerly facing roof, we have also installed them on the gable end for customers, to optimise their efficiencies. We install this product to achieve a faster payback for our customers, as know that this is important to them, when considering Solar. On average a solar hot water system provides up to 70% of your annual hot water needs. It works from dawn till dusk, throughout the year. Having a Solar Hot Water System means that there is less of a reliance on your boiler, therefore extending it’s life, an additional bonus for installing Solar. You will get more life from your Solar Hot Water System than most boilers, and they are maintenance free.

A collector consists of a row of tubes and a highly insulated water manifold. Inside the collector are two tubes, one that goes into the hot water tank and the other is situated in the heat pipe.

The heat pipes that we install are far superior as a conductor, which enables the heat transfer method to be second to none. They are tested to extremes and are ISO 9001 Solar Keymark Approved.

You will require a specially designed Solar Cylinder, which is tailored to your requirements depending on what system you have installed, this acts as the heat exchanger.

The Sunspeed model is fully insulated, CFC free, non combustible and is outstanding in performance. The collected heat is then sent by a Divicon pump/ diverter control unit to the bottom of the cylinder.

For more detailed information on Solar Thermal download these files about our products;

Solar Thermal Brochure

Thermomax Details




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